Accessing the Right Resources: Step 3 of 7 of the SMARTER™ Methodology

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What do you think makes a really great bid?

At Intellitender, we think it’s simple.  A great bid is a bid that is compliant and responsive; has customer and competitive focus at its core; is written in a way that is reflective of the highest professional standards; and is presented visually in a way that is compelling to read.

As we showed in Step 2, to deliver that, you need a robust bid management process that acts as an enabler, and ensures that everyone understands their role and progress against key bid milestones.

But the third step of our SMARTER™ methodology is all about another set of key enablers: People, Tools and Technology.


We see a lot of companies who rely on one or two key members of their teams to deliver that organisation’s bid or proposal efforts alongside an already heavy workload.

But organisations that consistently win do so by building individual and organisational competencies in proposal and business development areas.

This means establishing defined roles, recognising individuals who perform well on given proposal and BD activities, and then applying those individuals’ skills to subsequent efforts.

Top performing bid organisations have clearly defined accountabilities, responsibilities, reporting structures, and decision-makers; a single executive who assumes clear authority and accountability for business development; and aappropriately sized teams assigned and empowered by leaders, so that bid operations are effectively supported.

Is that fairly representative of the resourcing you have internally to manage the best possible bid product to submission?

The answer is more often than not, no.

If not, can you really expect to win that opportunity when you can’t resource the opportunity appropriately?


Regardless of size, experience, or market focus, to acquire new business efficiently and effectively, companies need a suite of tools that support their business acquisition efforts.

There are lots of tools available on the market that support this:

Opportunity Plans…

Content Plans (“Storyboards”)…

Bid Schedules…

Roles & Responsibility Matrices…

Compliance Matricies…

Bidder Action Logs…

RAID Logs…

… etc etc.

Is this representative of the sorts of documentation you are asked to pull together when you really want to focus on getting the answers out of the door?

The reality is that all of these documents are important, and all are key outputs from the key activities involved in best practice proposal management. But how daunting for your teams would it be to ask them to complete each of those alongside actually writing the bid itself? It becomes a case of the tail wagging the dog.

We recommend bringing these all together into one concise, central repository. The Intellitender Proposal Management Plan captures the key elements of each and to be used as a guide for your bid teams throughout your proposal management process.  It is also likely to improve uptake and authority of that document among your teams.


Now our third enabler. Technology.

What technologies do you use to support the bid management process?

The role of technology in bid and proposal management has come on so much in the last 10 years and technology can be a fantastic enabler to bid and proposal management. Done correctly, it promotes efficiency, improves consistency and makes everyone’s lives easier. Done incorrectly, it can result in a fragmented approach and be a case of the tail wagging the dog.

Used correctly, technology can play a role in supporting us with:

  • Document authoring e.g. Office 2016, Office 365, MS Visio, G Suite
  • Storage e.g. local, DropBox, OneDrive, SharePoint
  • Project and Task Management e.g. MS Project, MS Planner, Trello, Slack
  • Workflow e.g. SharePoint, G Suite, Kissflow
  • Collaboration e.g. phone, videocon, Skype, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, WebEx
  • Organising Information e.g. MS Excel, SharePoint, Google Forms
  • Supporting effective time management e.g. Outlook, SharePoint Calendar, TeamUp
  • Producing compelling imagery – InDesign, Photoshop
  • Providing a boilerplate repository e.g. SharePoint, Drive, Alfresco
  • Aiding team communications e.g. Email, MS Teams, Yammer, Google+

Done wrong, well…



We’ve all been there right?

Instead, find the technology that suits your organisation and budget, ensure it’s robust and simple to use and people will use it.


Intellitender Limited is a boutique bid consultancy that supports organisations like you to bid better, improve tender win rates and ultimately deliver long term competitive advantage. Intellitender deliver a range of business-winning solutions to our clients, including helping organisations to access the right people, tools and technology that supports effective bid management.

Our Bid SMARTER™ methodology is patented seven-step process that underpins the ways in which we help our clients bid better, improve tender win rates and ultimately deliver long term competitive advantage.  The SMARTER™ model spans the whole business development lifecycle, building on internationally recognised bid best practice and the foundations of consumer psychology.

Intellitender has an industry-leading tender success rate of 87%.  How can we help you Bid SMARTER™?

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